In 1983, God called Richard Fenner into the ministry, and he surrendered himself to a lifetime of service to God.  In the 1980s, Richard was integral in establishing Alpha & Omega Ministries in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan.  He served as a local pastor in Glendale, Michigan, from 1989 to 2007.  In addition to pastoring, Richard had an extensive tent revival ministry during the 1980s and 1990s.

In 1998, Richard was involved in his first international mission trip with a group of Southern Baptists from Michigan.  In the following years, he independently developed relationships with churches and pastors in several foreign countries, including China, Kenya, Uganda, India, and Russia.  On 5 Aug. 2008, he launched his own network of churches, First Church House of God, in Vijayawada, India.

In his ministry, Richard has sought out the direct will of his sovereign Heavenly Father, and as an ordained minister went through the fires of faith to temper his steel in ministries to a lost world.  His purpose is to Love the Lord God with all his heart.  His mission is to seek out the lost and lead them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  His practice is in freedom of worship. His method is contemporary in style and his message is fundamental in the Gospel of God's redemptive and regenerative power through His Son Jesus Christ and his empowering by the gift of the Holy Ghost into an eternal relationship that sets all believers free and gives them eternal life in heaven.  Considering Satan already defeated, Richard Fenner marches forward to seek out the lost and set the captives free through God's divine grace and authority!  He is a pioneer and a pastor to the world.


Men of Valor Women of Virtue was conceived when I was asked by the president of Uganda to write a training manual that could be taught to the entire population that would effect the moral and social condition of his country.  Something simple in style but powerful in nature.  The book began like a flood to my soul from the Holy Spirit. 

This book offers a fresh approach in understanding how to gain control of ones deepest values whether starting fresh or having to recover from the past. It is a primer to all daily relationships and a road map to discover your true self as you were wonderfully created.

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100 Lessons to Challenge Life and Win began as an exercise for me to write one devotion per day for a year.  I soon learned the healing power of these devotions when used as life challenges to grow.

Life does not always allow for the right advice at the most critical times.  We are always learning, but sometimes the lessons come at too great a price.  This life-altering workbook will help the reader develop goals and the necessary skills to reach them, forever changing the way you see life.

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His Pulse, Finding God is coming soon. This new book gives readers the insight of how easy it is to find God personally and discover His incredible love for us!