Letters to Churches


My beloved First Church House of God, I greet you in the mighty name of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  I have heard of your faithfulness and this gift is a treasure unto my heart.  As God spoke His truth to me in regard to the rebirth of the First church, I found a tree of Life giving fruit to my soul.  A life that was mortal took on immortality in the full power of God’s Revealed truth.  I found the Apostles Doctrine as the heart and soul that gives the Word of God order and authority.  It is the catalyst that makes Gods Word whole and gives direction to the fulfilling of His mighty will and design.  Following the spirit and leadership of your Apostle gives God’s Holy Word a deeper understanding and it reveals the earth of God by his example.

The Christian Church as a whole, around the world, has been deceived and put to sleep by the crafty cunningness of the anti-Christ but to Gods glory, a wake up call has been given.  We together as First Church are the rebirth of God’s Holy Church in a time necessary for Gods Power and authority to be shown around the world to lost generations.  We are thankful to God for His great love and care for us as he has given this Gift.

Beginnings seem always too slow but this journey God has sent us on is sure and will take its right form at the right time.  We must remember to act as one force, supporting each other and supporting the truth in our Faith in Christ and in our Denomination.  Many of you have been experiencing the fresh anointing of God since you have joined with First Church, with a full heart of Faith.  Signs and wonders are reported to me almost daily from among you.

In the days ahead we will experience many wonders as well as persecutions.  Only those who stand firm in their faith will experience acceptance or rejection of the truth they stand for.  We must challenge every force that keeps us in poverty of mind and steals away our prosperity.  We have the authority to not only stand against every hindering spirit but also control the outcome by the exercising of every Power that the Holy Spirit gives us through the Authority of Jesus Christ.  We must stay together in all things pertaining to faith and loyalty to each other as we grow.  Not seeking what we might gain but what we might give that we grow as one body.

I thank God for each time you gather together and fellowship in Christ’s love.  Every day I seek the guidance of God in leading you in truth and in power.  I seek His favor and resources to see the burden on the church.  I know your needs are great but I also know God has a plan for us and He will supply all our needs according to His riches and glory.  His provision always comes from places that we could never imagine.  Tragedy is the foundation of blessings.  Pray for me as I seek to guide you in ways the world hopes to see but has never experienced.  Have patience my beloved, strive to do good and stay faithful to our cause.  Rejoice in our Lord and trust the Holy Spirit.  Stay devoted and God will continue to show Himself.

Rejoice in my Love for you and in the Love Christ has for us all.  Until we meet I hold you up in my covering and send you all I have, as your Apostle in Power and Faith.

By His grace,

Apostle Richard G. Fenner